Need Guidance Writing Sketch to Sequence an LED with an Audio File

Hi - I am an art student looking to make a piece to bring awareness about recent school shootings. the goal for my program is to wait for a switch input to play an audio file and simultaneously start an LED color sequence (with changing colors, flashes, intensity) for the duration of the audio file. I then need the program to return the beginning and wait for the input switch.

I am using a/an

-arduino uno
-mp3 trigger

any help regarding an existing program or how to set one up to work for this would be so greatly appreciated... I am fairly new to Arduino so some of the sketching is lost to me.

Thank You and all the best! :slight_smile:


You should break this down into several different sketches.... and then work to merge them all together.

1.) Get used to working with an RGB led.. how to change colors.....set custom colors..etc
2.) Get used to working with your MP3 trigger board.... how do you set it up? How do you trigger playback..etc

  • Is there any way (callback?) from the MP3 board that lets one know a tack has finished?

Whats the transducer for?

Is this a single RGB application? Or will there be multiple RGB leds?

You might want to look into Neopixels or Dotstar led (strips/rings/