Need help about PWM control

When the pwm value is 255 then the motor will rotate with it maximum rpm.

What will happen when the pwm value is 0?.

Is it a braking condition, can I keep a motor braked for a long time?

How much load will it withstand before overcoming brake?

My condition is that I am having a motor with stall torque 55Nm. If I brake the motor using pwm 0. Will it able to withstand a load of 25Nm at that time without rotating?

Your replies will be highly appreciated.

I guess is that rainbow sprinkles are the answer.

Based on your lack of details on anything but stall limits of some type of motor, my guess is likely as good as your going to get.

What other details do I need to share?

It is a geared dc brushed motor controlled using Cytron MD30C driver.
The voltage of the motor is 24V, rated current 19A, rated torque 11Nm.

Can you be specific on the required details?

analogWrite(0) just provides a zero volt signal. What that actually does depends entirely on the specification of the motor driver.

On a quick look round I can see nothing in the specification of your driver to suggest that it contains any brake, which normally needs additional circuitry. Normally a zero volt signal just removes power from the motor and lets it freewheel.

But if you have a driver specification that mentions braking then provide a link to it.


I tried the pwm 0 command and the motor brakes. My doubt is what is happening when the pwm is set to zero?
Using it for long time will it affects hardwarres?

Once more, it is a question of what the specific driver does. Have you tried asking the manufacturer or vendor of your motor driver? They are more likely to know than a bunch of random people on an Internet forum.


Depending on the gear used, it may auto-lock instead of freewheel.

From the website of the people that made your board.

“Brakes the motor when PWM pin is low (logic low)”

So as long as your using less than 30amps to hold the “brake”, that controller manufacture doesn’t list any other conditions. (I would suggest moderate induced airflow to keep things cool)

Please remember its important to post links to the specific datasheets/manuals of all the hardware you
mention, so we know exactly what you have and you are likely to get informed answers, not guesses.