Need Help, Anduino nano power supply 5v, first project

Hello everyone,
I am very lost regarding a new project I am trying to develop, hope someone can help me out as this is the first time I use Arduino. First of all, thank you all in advance for reading my message, I really appreciate the help!

I would like the create Ambilight on my 27 inch monitor, using the Bambilight code.


  • Arduino nano
  • 2m/6,5ft of LED ws2812b (120 leds) 5050
  • Power supply of 5v 8A 2.5mmx5.5mm
  • Breadboard
  • jumper cables
  • 3 pin connectors

After setting up my Nano on the Breadboard, I am having a hard time FINDING out how to turn my male power supply output onto the Breadboard. So, I researched and researched and I cant find out any products with 5v (the lights came with this config) where I can connect a FEMALE 2,5mm to jumper cables and to the appropriate GND and 5v. I have found countless 2,1mm female 12v +/- connectors but I don’t know if they will work.

  1. How do I connect my power source to the nano board? I know I have to get a FEMALE 2.5mm to Cable somewhere, but I dont know where. I know a lot of 2.1 is available, I Can purchase a 2.5 female to 2.1 male with some time. Another question i have is most of the DC adapters with female, besides being 12v, have a + and a -. I dont know WHERE to connect the 5v and GND cables onto this adapter.
    I was wondering if i could, for instance, just but off the tip of the Power source (male), and find i dont know, 2 cables labeled 5v and gnd I could just connect to my breadboard at the right place.

  2. on the end of the RGB lights, we have the GND, Dat and 5v connectors. I was wondering if instead of soldering, I could use a clip 3 pin to 3 pin and just clip my jumper cables (feeding my breadboard) onto the connector.

Thank you very much for your time, I am having a very hard time with the assembly of the POWER supply, and please, if possible, explain this as simple as possible as this is my first project, first time using jumper cables, or anything remotely close to them.

can you solder a p4 jack?