need help arduino + winmo 6.5 machine

hi everyone,
i am looking for a solution to have a windows mobile phone communicate with the arduino.
the machine i have is a USB host as well.
i just need to send commands to the arduino and operate, so far, 6 pins.
any ideas?

the phone has bluetooth? right?
1 bluetooth serial board (sparkfun bluesmirf) connected to arduino

or else php and internet connection... there are many ways



i was thinking since the phone is a usb host, i'd skip the extra $$$ for the BT module.
but i need a driver..... right?

i was thinking since the phone is a usb host, i'd skip the extra $$$ for the BT module.
but i need a driver..... right?

Are you going to use a cable to the computer?

the arduino does not per se. have usb interface but a usb to serial chip. I do not know if the USB driver for the Arduino works on the phone.
Particulary: VCP Drivers - FTDI
or: D2XX Drivers - FTDI

These guys have used pocket-pc with ftd-driver:

Happy hunting.... :stuck_out_tongue:

plan is to run the winmo machine and control 3 maybe 4 contacts.
unless there is a different solution to do that.....

standalone, hopefully direct USB to the pda (it's a host)
not aware on how I can do the BT connect without driver....

I'm assuming that i'll need some sort of serial patch running like on laptops...
a flash app thru firmata should run the rest..... correct?

The driver is for the Winmo 6.5
just the same as the arduino environment uses to communicate to the arduino (or any program).
Make the Arduino respond to serial data sent to and from the arduino.
There are plenty of examples available to that.
Make a java applet or a program that can run on the winmo6.5 and send and receve serial data. It is relativly easy to do, and plenty of examples on the net.
the FTDI-driver is just a virtual serial port through the usb connection.
Arduino does not need a driver to do serial communications (only library, perhaps) as it is the standard way to do it.

If you are more comfortable in python scripting, then you can install python on your windows mobile and do serial communications with the arduino (plenty of ready made scripts).

You can even make Excel macros that communicate to the arduino :wink:

As I say, the possibilities are endless, choose your favorite medium and google till your brain fries (there are no new things under this sun, chances are that someone has beat you to it and published on the net allready)

Good luck


EDIT: Did you check the FTDI-Drivers?
I think they should work. You just need to use the usb cable as a virtual serial port. Arduino has FTDI-chip so it is your best bet.

thx man!!!

thought of another alternative. it's been done but i would require a slight mod...
i have plenty of real estate where the wm6 machine will be mounted.
so instead of controlling the duino from the machine, i thought (i hate when i do that) to use a nintendo DS touchscreen just to control the options i need.
that way i fill up a few more square inches and don't interfere with the machine.
we all know windows' temper....
what do you think? or am i on crack?

yes that would work nicely, I have seen it done, just search the forum for ds touchscreen :slight_smile:

here is a link from Mowsius (god memer on this site) translated from italian:

Rememer that you still need a screen under the touch thingy :wink:

(or if the options are few and static: put the screen over a printed piece of paper with the options)

But if the options are few, I would stick with a few momentary buttons.


i'll put a 2mm lexan under it with the symbols engraved on it and leds on one side.
white during the day and led color at night....