Need Help Automation for Chicken Coop


I am new to arduino but wanting to see if I can get some guidance on where to start with a arduino project.

I am wanting to automate a lot of things within my chicken coop.

  1. The Chicken Coop Door
  2. Exhaust fan in coop to run when reaches certain temp inside
  3. Cameras inside the coop that can be accessed from anywhere
  4. Lights to turn on at certain times
  5. Heat Lamp to turn on automatically when certain temp is reached in winter
  6. Inside Temp reading of the Coop

If anyone has a fritzing for this type of concept it would be greatly appreciated

Fritzings are some of the worst images of circuits (can't call it circuit diagram or schematics) to build projects off.

Part 3: get an off-the-shelf security camera, many of those you can access from anywhere through an app or browser on your phone. That's the easiest. Arduinos can't do much with images, nothing with video as such.

The rest is basic Arduino stuff - most such things you can find in the built-in examples or through a simple Google search. Mix and match to make it fit your unique situation.

Start with the easiest thing on your list: temperature display and build from there.

I'm not a fan of heat lamps. As long as you have cold-hardy breeds and keep drafts out of the coop, the chickens will do just fine. I've been raising chickens through 10 Minnesota winters and we've had our share of -25F mornings and probably colder than that overnight. They don't care in the slightest. Drafts can cause frostbite, so make sure no wind can blow in directly, but keep good ventilation.

The problem with heat lamps (besides the potential fire hazard), is that the chickens don't acclimate to cold weather, so then if the power goes out, you now have a flock of birds that are not used to the cold and they can die from the temperature shock.