Need help. Battery pack stops sketch.

Hey guys,

I've got a 9V battery and I want to power my Arduino Nano clone (SainSmart Nano 3) and some Neopixel like LEDs. So I uploaded a simple animation to my Arduino via USB and exevrything is working fine.

When I disconnect USB, and connect the 9V battery, it runs the sketch, but stops at the sane point every time I tried it :( And the LEDs are also not bright white with the battery, but orange!?

Here a video:

Does anyone has an idea, why this is happening?

The obvious answer would be lack of power. We'll need details though, to help you.

9V battery only has 200-300mAH capacity. Neopixel at white can use up to 60mA each. 3 of them for an hour will drain your battery. Put a meter on the battery, see how low it is.

It depends entirely on the type of battery. There are many kinds of PP3 batteries available. And sometimes, just because of the distinctive case, people have a tendency to overlook that it might not even be a 9V battery.

That's 30 RGB LEDs. A RGB LED consists of 3 separate LEDs in one package. You start your sketch with all LEDs lighting up in a blue color. Then you switch to some other colors. You are powering 90 LEDs once you switch to white *(white = Red + Blue + Green).

The 9 volt batteries are a very bad choice as a power source, because they hardly provide any power. I understand you can't have a car battery hanging from that skateboard, but you should pick something way larger if you want to use it for more than a minute anyway. Perhaps a combination of some LiPo batteries (a single battery pack gets you about 3.7 volts) would be better.

Ok. Thanks for advice, I'll look for an other power supply.

Standard PP3 sized 9V batteries have very limited output current since each cell is tiny. Remember there are 6 cells packed in each one (well for alkaline ones)

Even worse, you are using (or attempting to do so) the regulator on the Nano to power the Neopixels.

It simply will not.

{USB powers the 5V directly, bypassing the regulator.}

Dim the LEDs you'll get more life from your battery, avoid white.