Need Help Battery Powering a SK9822 144 Led Strip

Just to let everyone know, my electronics background is nearly 0. I just like to learn to make my own stuff.

Following this topic, I want to battery power a strip of 144 SK9822 leds.
Need Help Powering a WS2812B 144 Led Strip0

I'm going to use this for video work so I choose the SK9822 because it doesn't have the flickering of WS2812B leds.
This is because the SK9822 use a programmable constant current circuit for brightness control and PWM of 4.7 kHz for colour control (vs 430 Hz of WS2812).
I did some tests of slow motion 60fps->24fps and 30fps->24fps and I can't see any kind of flickering from the SK9822, at any brightness level!

The only thing I don't like about the SK9822 is the white color. Does anybody knows of a led strip with 144 leds per meter and also has white leds, beside rgb (of course with programmable constant current circuit for brightness control and high PWM frecuency)?

I'm thinking of using:

  • 2p2s 6000 mAh 7.4v formed by 4 Samsung Q30 3.7v 3000 mA 15A with individual protection PCM on each battery:

  • 2 Turnigy 5v 5A (8-26v) SBEC
  • SP108E wifi controller (or Adruino Nano with potentiometer for rgb?)
  • common 7.4v DC charger

And this is the diagram (I'm no electronic expert, so this is all I can draw :confused: )

link to high res diagram

I want to make sure I'm wiring everything in the right order and batteries are charging safely without going on fire. :slight_smile:

This looks like a lot of fun, however I think you may want to re-think part of the design and the batteries you will be using. Each SK9822 LED draws approximately 50 mA when it is set to full brightness. This means that for every 30 LEDs you turn on, your LED strip could be drawing as much as 1.5 A. Be sure to select a power source that can handle your strip’s current requirements. 144 leds requires just a bit more then 7 amps with everything on full. Your battery life will be less then one hour. You also need a Battery Management System (BMS) to protect and keep the batteries from going up in a brilliant flame.

Yes, the power source needs improvements :slight_smile: I'll be posting here regularly since I'm full of doubts.

The size of a 21700 is much like a 18650 battery, so I'm planning to use 6 x 21700 5000mAh, however, I don't know which design is more efficient (last longer) for my case: 3p2s or 3s2p?

3p2s => 15000mAh 7.4v => 111watts
3s2p => 10000mAh 11.1v => 111watts

Any of the power source designs will be stepped down to 5v by the switching buck converter, so one is more efficient than the other, or are just the same?

SK9822 consumes 50 mA when all 3 colors are on (white color). Since single color like red consumes 20mA, the battery solution will last enough time.