Need help before begin manipulate

Hello everyone,

I'm a start a project for me. I'm a beginner in electronic and programmer student and I need to control :

  • 6 solenoid valves 12v (i took a 8 chan relay to control that)
  • 1 Arduino Uno
  • 1 TFT Screen Nextion 3.5" (power consumption 5V145mA, almost the full power of Arduino)
  • 1 DC Motor 5v
  • some leds
  • 1 On/off button

My question is simple, is it possible to connect all of this stuff in single Uno board or on other Board and if yes why i can supply electricity for all this stuff ?

I want only 1 power supply to power up all please.

Thank's in advance.


I'm a start a project for me.

You are a what?

I need to control : - 1 Arduino Uno

How do you want to control the UNO? What will be controlling it? What will it be doing?

My question is simple, is it possible to connect all of this stuff in single Uno board

Duct tape works wonders. Of course it is possible to tape it all together.

You can NOT drive a motor directly. You need a motor controller in the mix, too.

How many pins are needed, and which ones, for the "TFT Screen Nextion 3.5"" depends entirely on WHICH "TFT Screen Nextion 3.5"" you plan to use.

It is impossible to guess how many pins are needed for "some" LEDs. If some is 3, no problem. If some is 300, more challenging but not impossible.

You need one good power source of 12 V for the solenoids. If you want everything to run with that 12 V, you need a converter like this, to get out 5 V and 3 A, which will probably be enough for the Arduino and the display. The Arduino doesn't output very much amps (current), but you need some current for the relays and the leds. If they take more than Arduino can supply, you need some transistors to provide current directly from the 5 V supply.

hi PaulS,

Thank's for fast reply and excuse my english. I'm bad and a bit tired.

I will try to be more precise and correct this time :

The TFT Screen is this one : as I understood they are 2 wires for power supply and 2 wires for data maybe.

Also i plan to use almost 50 leds RGB but i don't know what to use

Do you have some good references for the motor controller?

I want to control all the elements with Bluetooth HC-06 module wich will communicate with an application on my phone

Thank's in advance


Also i plan to use almost 50 leds RGB but i don't know what to use

The easiest way to for that would be, in my opinion, WS2812 RGB individually addressable LED strips.

Do you have some good references for the motor controller?

If the motor only turns in one direction a logic level MOSFET sized to handle the motor stall current would be a good choice. If the motor must rotate in both directions an H bridge motor controller/driver is called for. Without more information on the motor (motor type, rated voltage , stall current) it is impossible to recommend a specific driver. Pololu has a wide variety of motor drivers.

Hi groundFungus,

Thank's for your reply. For the led i want leds to be independent not in strips.

For the motor i don't made my choice for specific model already but i'm already sure he will turn in a single direction so more easy as i seen with MOFSET Solution is good less expensive solution.

i start an electronic schedule with Fritzing. For the moment i only drop all the composent i need and i'm lost

here full stuff list:

  • 6 Solenoide valve 12v
  • 50 RGB Leds
  • 1 Arduino Uno & 1 Arduino Motor shield
  • 1 Nextion TFT 3.5"
  • 1 Proximity sensor
  • 1 motor DC 5v

For the led i want leds to be independent not in strips.

The WS2812 strips can be cut into individual LEDs ("pixels"), with a pair of scissors, and rewired how ever you like. Once you do a bit of research and find out what it takes to control 50 individual RGB LEDs you may reconsider.

You have a lot of parts, there. Learn to work with each part by itself.

Arthurjv: i start an electronic schedule with Fritzing.

Stop right there. Uninstall Fritzing. Now. Install proper schematic drawing software (KiCAD, EagleCAD, ...) and learn how to draw a usable, readable circuit diagram. It's not too late, you can still prevent yourself from getting entangled in Fritzings unreadable spaghetti mess.

What wvmarle said! Stop!

I've been using, an online tool for circuit drawing. Not the best, but I get things done.

Another schematic drawing app that is easier to learn than Eagle or KiCad is Express Sketch.

Thank's for u reply's i will test all the solution u said and i will take the best

Best regard


To address your initial question, the Arduino board has a voltage regulator- for ITSELF ! It’s not really intended to power much more off the board, other than a couple of LEDs, pull-ups etc.

To drive anything substantial with the Arduino, you need to consider your [whole power supply as a mini project in itself].

@Johan_Ha mentioned one approach, but you need to plan a bit, because 150 LED junctions will draw a bit of current in themselves (50x RGB x 15mA= 750mA)

Six (valve) solenoids, which could have a pull-in current of 150mA each, or solenoid (actuators) could draw even more at their rated voltages... (6x 150mA = 900 mA or more)... Your relays will add to that...Read about drivers.

All these MUST be isolated and filtered from the Arduino supply, otherwise you’ll end up with unexpected ‘resets’ and other behaviour. Also keep track of your 0V/Ground wiring, and any 3.3V and 5V components.

Go read some of the ‘Introductory Tutorials’ section . It’s fun, but daunting when you first start.