Need help build a digital scale

Hey Guys, i am absolutely new in Arduino and Sensors, so theres no previous knowledge on this side :-D.

Just a short Introduction to our Problem:
Some colleagues and I study "Games" in hamburg(GER). We want to build a digital scale to weigh small pieces between 1g - 500g wich are placed in a small bowl by the player. The next step is to transport the data from the self made scale to the Game Engine and place physical objects inside the Game with the weight of the small pieces inside the bowl.
The programming part should not be the problem but we absolutely do not know which hardware we need for such a project. We found some solutions over the internet but cant figur out if these might work for us.

We dont want to buy a USB-Scale because we have to write a small paper of our project, it would be much better to do some work in building the scale by ourselfes then to just plug it in. Another reason against the USB-Scale is their price. We also dont want to disassemble a huge scale for this project.

It would be great if someone could help us out with our idea before we buy some expensive stuff that does not work on our project :slight_smile:

Best regards