need Help: Cannot upload code to Pro Mini board

I think my Pro Mini board is broken now.

I have two laptops:

1) Window XP 2) Vista

My Arduino is: Pro Mini (Atmega 168) I use FTDI adaptor chip/board for usb-to-serial connection.

Pro mini (it is 168 version i think: atmega 168), used to work on another laptop with XP untill few days back.

But I wanted to switch to laptop 2) with Vista.

So I downloaded IDE to laptop with Vista. But I cannot get it to work on this new laptop with Vista.

When I try to upload sketch I get error:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocaol error, expect-0x14...

After this I tried several things: confirm firewall is off COM port is defined correctly tried changing baude rate tried latedt FTDI drivers

Then I went back to older laptop (on which it used to work until few days back). But i get same error on this laptop also ! So, now it does not work on XP or on Vista. Both give same error as mentioned above.

So, I concluded the chip must be broken, right ? :(

How is it connected?

You mean how is it connected with laptop ?

Well, I use a FTDI board that connects to Pro Mini. And the USB cable goes into FTDI board.

A sensor is connected to Pro Mini via analog input pins.
Pro mini gets power from USB.


  • Red led on the Pro Mini lights up (and stays on, i think)
  • Green LED beside reset button lights up when reset is pressed
  • Tx/Rx LED on FTDI board blinks on/off after I press 'upload' button in IDE.