Need Help: Cannot upload code to Pro Mini board


I think my Pro Mini board is broken now.

I have two laptops:

  1. Window XP
  2. Vista

My Arduino is:
Pro Mini (Atmega 168)
I use FTDI adaptor chip/board for usb-to-serial connection.

Pro mini (it is 168 version i think: atmega 168), used to work on another laptop with XP untill few days back.

But I wanted to switch to laptop 2) with Vista.

So I downloaded IDE to laptop with Vista.
But I cannot get it to work on this new laptop with Vista.

When I try to upload sketch I get error:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00
avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocaol error, expect-0x14…

After this I tried several things:
confirm firewall is off
COM port is defined correctly
Tried changing baude rate
Tried latest FTDI drivers

Then I went back to older laptop (on which it used to work until few days back). But i get same error on this laptop also !
So, now it does not work on XP or on Vista.
Both give same error as mentioned above.

So, I concluded the chip must be broken, right ?

I use a FTDI board that connects to Pro Mini. And the USB cable goes into FTDI board.

A sensor is connected to Pro Mini via analog input pins.
Pro mini gets power from USB.


  • Red led on the Pro Mini lights up (and stays on, i think)
  • Green LED beside reset button lights up when reset is pressed
  • Tx/Rx LED on FTDI board blinks on/off after I press ‘upload’ button in IDE.

So, should i just get another board with replaceable chip like “Arduino USB Board” (cheaper to replace chip than the entire board)

or try to fix this issue and continue using existing Pro Mini ?


Maybe upload a picture?