Need help changing some code.

I am currently working on bulilding a LED controller for my Saltwater Fishtank. Im building the controller that Tim has already designed over on Ill include reference links below. Basicly Its a Little controller with a 2004 LCD screen where I can fade in and out the LEDs at certain times of the day.

I would like to change a few things in the code but as im new to arduino have onle very basic coding skills and this is a little above me.... I need help.

The First thing I want to change is The LED channle names:

Currently the LED channels are defined in an array from 0 to however many channels you want, in my case 8. I would like to have instead of the numbers 0 to 7, the Channels named after the coresponding colour. I have 4 charachters available for each colour so was thinking this... WHTd,WHTn,rBLU,Blue,Cyan,Gren,UV,Red.

The way I understand this is that the code uses a counter for an array and prints that, I would need to define another array, set it with the names and then use the same counter to ensure the correct name is printed instead.... however I have no idea where to start. I made a new array (I think) using this

const char                const_LED_names                      =(WHTd,WHTn,rBLU,Blue,Cyan,Gren,UV,Red);

And put it under the consants section, however I get this error when compiling:

LED_Controller:43: error: 'WHTd' was not declared in this scope

 const char const_LED_names                          =(WHTd,WHTn,rBLU,Blue,Cyan,Gren,UV,Red);

Like I say Im still very new to all this but want to learn how to do it myself rarther than just asking someone else to do it. Any help would be great!!!

Reference links:

The Code:

Thanks for the link!!

I will have to have a more detailed read, but after spending 10-15 minutes reading the info i am still non the wiser.

Its all still very complicated to me.

You haven't put your colour names in quotes :)

I've posted on here to try and keep up with both threads, but will primarily over on the UR forum where I spend more time...


Ive put the names in quotes.

However i think this job is a little above my skill level, Ive either got alot to learn or find someone who is willing to make the changes for me.

Im sure its a easy change for some.... just not for me.

... On hold for now, pending understanding

Hopefully over the weekend I'll get chance to have a dig and hilight the lines which need attention and some pointers. If you still need help after that I'm not going anywhere :)