Need help choosing arduino board

Hi, I need help picking the right board.

Pin requirements (single board)

  • SPI pins
  • 2 x rotary encoders (so that should be 4 digital pins in total)
  • thumbstick (2 analog and 1 digital pin)
  • 13 digital pins for a keypad

Also needs to have HID support.

I'm counting 4 analog, 18 digital pins + SPI pins. Analog pins can be used as digital pins if I understood it correctly.

If I'm not mistaken, the Pro Micro doesn't have enough pins (I looked at this for reference :

The Arduino Micro should have enough pins?
I looked at this image for reference:
The pink pins should be for SPI, pins 16-19 should cover the 4 analog pins, pins 0-15 should cover the digital pins (by using both the digital and analog pins). This would basically use up all the digital input pins on the board.

Is this correct?

Are there any alternatives? If I want any additional pins, are there any other similar boards that are similar in size, but offer more pins?

How many rows and columns does the keypad have ?

6 & 7

Shouldn't this one work? Overview | Introducing ItsyBitsy 32u4 | Adafruit Learning System
The adafruit itsy bitsy. It uses the atmega32u4, which means it has HID support, the board looks similar to the Arduino Micro, but has more pins.
If I interpreted the pinout page correctly (Pinouts | Introducing ItsyBitsy 32u4 | Adafruit Learning System), it would give me

  • pins 14,15 and 16 for SPI
  • pins 0-13 as digital pins
  • pins A0-A5 that can be used as analog and digital pins.

Some pins don't have a pull-up resistor, but perhaps by using the ones that have as inputs and the ones that don't as outputs, I wouldn't need to add external ones.

Are the above statements correct and does anyone have any experience with this board and have any feedback on it?


I'd go with the 5V

Alright, thanks!

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