Need help choosing Instrumentation Amplifier

I am looking for a suitable Instrumentation Amplifier to go between an MR-513 Alcohol Sensor and the ADC on an Arduino. I think I have found one but I don’t know enough to be sure. Can anyone tell me if an INA333 Instrumentation Amplifier is a suitable for this application. I’m also open to other suggestions of suitable devices. The datasheets are below. Thanks for your time.

MR-513 Alcohol Sensor Datasheet:

INA333 Instrumentation Amplifier Datasheet:

They look like a great match.

You should be able to generate the regulated 3V required from 5V with something like an LM317 adjustable linear regulator, or one of the newer LDO regulators.

A device with 25uV input offset is overkill for a sensor with 100mV output and 10mV output
drift specification, most rail-rail opamps will be fine for this and a lot cheaper.

Why not use two ADC inputs then subtract the two readings to get the sensor voltage? That saves you the cost of the amp IC.

Thanks for the input. I jumped the gun and ordered it before anyone replied. If I have purchase another op amp in the future I'll definitely get a cheaper one like Mark suggested.

RadioHacktive, I'm using the op amp to get better resolution. By amplifying the signal I gain almost 10 times the resolution.

Thanks again everyone!

You can use the INA333 on a load cell which is the sort of sensor
its designed for, as you are measuring signals at sub-millivolt levels
then - useful chip to have around for future projects perhaps? A
typical use of such a chip would have the gain set to hundreds or