Need help choosing motors and appropriate wheels


I am making a three-wheel obstacle avoiding robot and I'm stuck at choosing motors and appropriate wheels. Robot dimensions are planned to be 18 x 10 cm, and I'm planning to put only the arduino UNO, an ultrasonic sensor and some spare space to update later on. I'm planning on going with two modified servo motors (the third wheel would be for support, and I was thinking of buying ball caster wheel for that), so I seek your help and guidance on choosing the best possible option, because I'm afraid of buying a motor, and then being unable to find appropriate wheels.

I know many of you out there dealt with same issues as I, so any help would be appreciated. Some requirements are: - wheel diameter around 5 cm, - sustainable price for both (if there is an option of motors being below $10 each), - worldwide shipping (I am located at Balkans / South-East Europe).

Thank you very much for the time and effort. Hope this topic would help others as well.

So far I have found these servos viable, but I still don't know which wheels to pair up with them. The servos are:

  • MG995 Tower Pro Servo,
  • S3003 Futaba Servo.

If anyone here has a feedback or a recommendation regarding these servos, and/or a good pair of wheels to pair up with them, please feel free to share.

Hi, maybe the ARX-CH09 (just gogle for that) is something for you. It's a cheap robot chassis with 2 wheels, 2 motors with gear included, a supportfor additional electronics. It costs about 15€ and is available at a lot of distributors like conrade, Reichelt etc.. Maybe someone sends to your contry too. Regards Mekanax

Thank you for the reply, but I am not interested in ordering pre-made chassis, because I want to customize (and therefore learn more and have more space for creativity and uniqueness). I already have materials for the chassis, but I lack servo's and wheels, and don't want to throw money away by experimenting with different servos and wheels.

If anyone else has experience of mounting wheels to one of the above (or maybe recommend a replacement) servos, please share.

Regards, robotsftw.

but I lack servo's and wheels, and don't want to throw money away by experimenting with different servos and wheels.

I modified SG-5010 servos (~$5) for continuous rotation and attached plastic jar lids to the servo horns for wheels using hot glue. Simple, quick, and inexpensive.

I agree with zoomcat. Jar lids are great. In fact a have a small boxful for use on robots.