Need help choosing the motor

The theoretical calculations resulted in 2Nm torque value for my 2 wheel drive bot. While searching for motors I came across many specifications of motors.

My doubt is that while selecting a Dc motor, should I consider the stall torque value = 2Nm or the average torque value=2 Nm?

Your response is highly appreciated.

Working value, not stall value.

You will need a gear motor, the torque is traded for speed by gears or belt drive system.

You need two figures, the max angular velocity needed, and the max torque (at wheels). Use SI units and the motor power output is simply the product of torque and angular velocity.

You can then select a motor based on power, and then the gear ratio based on the torque/speed mismatch.

For electric motors both torque and power scale roughly with size and weight, only gearing can separate these properties out.