Need help coding an air pump to inflate and deflate based on sensor readings.

Hello all, I'm working on a posture brace for a class project.

Inflate and deflate a flexible air chamber based on readings from a bending sensor.

A bending sensor would be fixed against a person's back seated in an upright position, and would monitor the bend in their spine.

When the sensor reading exceeds a certain threshold, indicating that the person is slouching and their thoracic vertebrae are in an exaggerated convex position, this would activate an air pump to inflate air chambers within a vest, along the length of the spine.

At maximum inflation, the individual's back should be in a seated upright once again the sensor would no longer receive readings past the "slouching threshold", and would stop the motor from continuing to pump air.

Short Term Problem:
I cannot find a straight forward answer to which pump best suits my needs; inflation and deflation.
IS THERE A PUMP THAT DOES THIS(have the option in code to deflate, inflate, or turn off)? If not what is the closest thing I can buy?

Long Term Problems to Solve:
Coding the Relay Module to turn the pump on and off.
Coding the sensor, and extracting correct readings.
Coordinating the two to work together.

Can anyone help me? It sounds straight forward when I lay it out this way, but when I sit down to search for precedents to find materials and codes to study, I am running into a lot of trouble.
These are two tutorials I have looked at:

Not much information to work with about the air pump. What max pressure? What volume in CFM? Is oil allowed in the pump? How long does the max pressure need to be held? Why do you think the air pump is needed for deflation?


I don't actually have a max pressure in mind; I have not gotten that far.
I would imagine that it would be something along the lines as the tutorial I linked below.

Buy an automatic blood pressure cuff and salvage the pump and release valve from that. It will also contain a pressure sensor that you may be able to use. The pump will inflate and the release valve will deflate.