Need help coding LED light strips for fine art light installation

I am creating a light installation inside a large wooden box, I will be using two led strips which I have been able to wire to an arduino board and put test code through. I cant however find the right resources to learn how to code a simple 10 minute sequence which will involve a bit of fading and strobing. I am also running out of time for the project to be finished.

I can arrange a fee to be paid for adequate help and/or a mention on the label of the piece of work at the exhibition.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks,


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I have done a few of these types of projects with Adafruit Neopixel strips, but plain RGB strips wouldn't be a problem.

Is your project wired up to the point that you can at least turn the strips on and off, with colours?

Do you know what your 10 minute sequence will be?

Did you need buttons to switch between sequences, will the sketch need to respond to events?