Need help: control 2.1" round TFT LCD with ST7701S driver


For a study project, I bought a display that fits our product, see the link. We want to control it using an Arduino Nano 33 BLE. We thought it was possible to control this display with a library that supported similar named drivers (ST77...), but the display didn't show anything. I've used Arduino for a while, but I've only basic knowledge about LCDs. Do you know a library that does support our display? Or what would be another strategy for controlling the display?

We have a 2.1" TFT LCD touchscreen display, 480x480p, ST7701S display driver
It supports 3SPI + 18RGB interface.

Display (Alibaba)

Datasheet (Drive)

Library we tried is called Arduino_GFX (didn't work with example sketch with SPI pins directly connected as the example suggested).

For now, displaying something is our main concern. After that, we will try the touchscreen. Hopefully, you are able to help us. Please ask, if you need more info.

Thank you!

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