Need Help controlling 4 DC Motors, 5000 RPM, 115 V. 1/15hp

I'm trying to control 4 DC motor, 115v, Id like these to operate like the motors of a quadcopter, independent, 2 clockwise and 2 counter clockwise, I'm seeing that the boards will control small motors but was unsure if there is a way to have them work with larger motors, the control will be done by a RC remote the same as a quadcopter, please help point me in the direction if you have any knowledge of this technology.

115V [u]DC[/u] is not at all common - are you sure you have got that right? What is the power supply?

1/15HP is only about 50W. That's a pretty weak motor compared to the typical brushless motors used in RC.

I wouldn't say that brushed, 115V DC motors are uncommon but the motor controls available typically need 120V AC input. Finding a control for a battery application is going to be a problem -- I've never seen one. Also, brushed DC motors of this type are typically biased to spin faster in one direction than the other so if you do need to get that kind of speed balance you're probably looking at the wrong type of motor.

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H-Bridge with Mosfet's or IGBT's can driver Volts > at 115V IRF640N 200V 18A

18A is good? ...or need more?

Then you can drive the power transistors (mosfet or IGBT) with IC drivers Ir2110 is for Mosfet or IGBT and control High and Low side include time dead too.

The signals, PWM and address with arduino. Here, you can add a feedback system as a PID control, then change at realtime power to control the speed 5000rpm.

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You need a CAREFUL with the power lines, You can dead without finish the project.

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use the setup of the quadcopter, and instead of the motors use a optocoupler, and two transistors to drive a FET like a BUZ11

This is the motor I was thinking of using, this is for a tool and not RC application.

Thank you also everyone for the information , I need to get high RPMs and try to use regular household power 110v to 120v if at all possible, but also need the variable speed set up for it to work properly.

That's a universal motor, the same type of motor that you'd find in an angle grinder, blender, woodworking router, AC corded drill, etc. It can be wired to 115V mains wiring directly for full speed or you can use a "router speed control" for variable speed.