Need help. Convert Eaglefile to something I can use


I am trying to make a shield for my display (it's a ea-dogm128 display), I have found a ready made shield design, but only in Eagle, and I dont know how to use that file. I have started to learn myself DesignSpark 4.0, simply because it's free and connected to a ok webshop. In my finished project I'm going to make my own pcb from scratch containing both the display with driver and the atmega328p, hoping to get a compact design. The project is only the display a button and a external micro joystick for navigation, and some kind of battery with charger/monitor circuits.

Is there any way for me to convert the eagle file to a DesignSpark 4.0? Or is there someone that can do that conversion for me? I know there is a import for Eagle files into DesignSpark, but I cant get it to work (I know, i'm such a n00b... :%)

The design is found on this site if someone wants to have a go at this for me (please).

Why not go to, download the free hobby version of eagle, and go from there?
Supports 80mm x 100mm boards, you seem to be heading for a smaller design than that.

Yes, that would be the obvious way to do it.

So why didn't I think of that? Thanks!

Im really starting to enjoy Eagle the more I use it..

some key tips I read that helped:

1.) Eagle was designed to be used with a 3-button mouse (left, right and center/mouse wheel) they all have function and purpose.. experiment... (this was HUGE for me to learn when I wanted to add vias to a board and route/add traces to both bottom and top layers)

2.) (For myself).. in Windows/most application.. you would maybe highlight or select your part/component/image/text.. and THEN apply some effect to it.. (bold, underline..rotate..etc).. in Eagle.. its backwards.. you SELECTE what you want to do first (like rotate).. and then you go click on the part/component..etc..

Getting to know/learn all the Eagle libraries is still something I panic
but using this parts library search link helps alot:

Other things to learn sooner rather than later..

1.) how to open existing .sch/.brd (Eagle) files and copy/paste/import components to you project
2.) learn how to make your own custom library of parts.. (so you can collect, keep and organize parts that you find yourself using alot or parts you may have edited)
3.) learn how to make your own components

Good thing about Eagle is there is a fairly big community behind it/users...

lots of tutorials.. and lots of videos on YouTube..etc