Need Help Debugging NODEMCU DHCP

I'm having problems with DHCP on a NODEMCU running softAP. It will, sometimes, connect to a client quickly, and when it does, it always works fine. But more often, it seems to get stuck somewhere in DHCP. I am trying to connect my Android Phone, and the only feedback I get on the phone is "Obtaining IP address..." then it just sits there like that for several minutes. It seems to connect MUCH more reliably if I use a static IP address, but I don't want to do that. It seems to connect more often on the first attempt after a reset, but not always.

I've tried using my phone, an Amazon Fire tablet, and my Windows PC. Oddly, in the past, I've seen very slow connecting to the PC, and very fast connecting to the phone. But, at the moment, the PC is connecting quickly, and the phone is very, very, VERY slow, and often does not actually connect at all. The tablet seems to be somewhere between those two extremes. I've never had a single problem connecting ANY of the devices to my other WiFi networks, so clearly there is something is not working right with the NODEMCU. But what? Where? How do I find it?

I've tried turning on the WiFi debugging (DebugLevel=WIFI), but that just spits out a string of "wifi evt" messages with values ranging from 5 to 9, but I don't know what ANY of those mean.

Does anyone here know how to debug this kind of problem? Or where I can go to get some help?

Ray L.

I did manage to capture on exception, and decoded the stack frame. But I don’t know what it tells me…

ESPStackTrace.txt (12 KB)