need help designing Automated Aquaponics system

Hi all,

I am beginner to micro controllers, so kindly guide me. I have basic idea of electronics but I havent worked on micro controllers.

I am working on project : Automated Aquaponics system.

I have divided project into 4 phases.

Phase one : control water pump using arduino. (part one : predefined delay in program,
part two : using timer )
phase two : design automatic system to control pump depending on soil moisture, air temperature/humidity.
(also check water level, water temperature, display output on )
phase three : control entire module via bluetooth.
phase four : control module from smartphone app (using WiFi)

I have choose following components for my project
Arduino Uno
Water temperature sensor : DS18B20
Air temperature and humidity sensor : DHT22
Soil moisture sensor
12V Solenoid Valve - 3/4 Inches and Solenoid flow sensor
ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04
LCD display
wifi module ESP8266
bluetooth module HC 05

Question :

  1. Considering all sensors and LCD display, should I go for adruino Uno or Arduino Mega or arduino uno with MCP23017 expander?
  2. project requirement is to control water flow, I can control it using PWM pin. but i have to pump water upto 10 feet. please suggest appropriate pump for this.3.

also let me know if I have chosen wrong componenet.

  1. I would go with the Mega considering what you want to do. The extra hardware serial will make using the ESP8266 easier and there will be plenty of pins for peripherals. Projects often get larger than the original plan so having the extra pins to start will avoid redesign later. And the extra programming that an expander will require could be a hassle for a beginner.

  2. 10' vertical? How much flow (GPM)? Need to provide detailed specs when asking for hardware recommendations.

Automated Aquaponics system type questions come up here pretty regularly. Search the forum for "Automated Aquaponics system" to see what others have done.