Need help finshing up wiring up a halloween costume....

I’m rigging up a Halloween costume and have a few questions I need answered before I can finish it up. Specifically, I’m building a voice changer using my Arduino Uno and a Wave Shield from AdaFruit. Here’s the link that shows how to wire it all up: Building It | Wave Shield Voice Changer | Adafruit Learning System

So here’s my questions:

  1. I don’t want to use a potentiometer to change the voice pitch (like in the downloaded sketch). I just need a deep evil sounding pitch and I’m hoping I can just hardcode that into the code instead of wiring up more components. I downloaded the sketch from the link above, but I’m afraid I don’t really know enough about what’s going on to know how to hardcode a voice pitch value. Can someone give me an idea of how to go about doing this? And perhaps a recommendation on what value to use, or a valid range of vales that I can try out?

  2. The instructions say to use a 9v battery or a 6xAA setup (which will last significantly longer). I’m assuming the difference in voltage between those 2 options is mitigated by the Uno’s onboard voltage transformer, so I don’t need to alter anything in my wiring to accommodate for this, correct? If that’s the case, I’ll go with the 6xAA setup. My question is, can I simply wire in a “kill switch” along the positive wire leading to the Uno, to simply turn the whole unit on/off? I’m thinking I can, just want to be sure I’m not overlooking anything important.

  3. In the link above, does anyone know what the brand of speaker is being used? I’m referring to the silver one that looks store bought in the one pic. I don’t want to have to wire up the amp breakout and a bare speaker, so I’m thinking that getting an mp3 speaker with a 3.5mm plug is perfect. Only issue is I need a way to wear or mount the speaker so I need a flat or low profile speaker like that one pictured. Any thoughts on what it is, or if there are others out there like it I can get?


On point 1, you need to change this line in the program

int pitch = analogRead(1);

Change it to a value between 0 and 1023, where 512 is no shift and the extremes are down or up one octave. For example

int pitch = 100;



Perfect, thanks! I guess I was way overthinking it and totally missed that pitch var. Works like a charm!

Now if I can just get the speaker and battery situated.....

Any thoughts on #2 and #3?

#2: 1 * 9 = 6 * 1.5

#3: Sorry, no idea