Need help for choosing the right motor shields and power supplies

Hello together,

i work on a bigger project which requires the control of 7 motors, which are listed below:

Motor-type **Quantity ** Nominal Voltage Max. Current
bipolar stepper 1 1.8 V 1.5 A/Phase
bipolar stepper 1 3.8 V 1.9 A/Phase
DC 2 18 V 1.2 A
DC 1 24 V 23 A
Servo 2 8.4 V 6 A

Unfortunately i dont have much experience on choosing the electronic components for such a big project.
On the past i worked with smaller dc motors and servos which could be controller by adafruit shields, but the components on this project require more powerfull shields.

I decided to use an Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller for controlling the motors.
Now i need to choose the right motor shields and power supplies for the shields.

Could you help me a little for choosing the electrical components please?

Thank you very much!

These links may help.
Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

The 1.5 amp stepper motor could be controlled using a Pololu DRV8825 stepper motor driver but I think you would need a more powerful (and more expensive) driver for the 1.9 amp motor. I think the drivers with the TB66xx chip would be the most economical.

Don't focus on "shields" (meaning devices that plug directly onto an Uno or Mega) as you will need a mix of drivers for stepper motors and DC motors.

The Pololu website also has a wide range of DC motor drivers.

An Electronic Speed Control (ESC) might be the cheapest option for the high current DC motor. But be aware that many of them don't have direction control as they are designed for model aircraft. The Hobby King website has a good selection.


Hello Robin2,

thank you very much for your fast response!

Yes you’re right, i should focus more on general motor drivers.

And yes i should also look for ESC for the stepper motors!
The DC Motors can be controlled with an PWM signal on the motor driver, am i right? Therefore i would only need an appropriate motor driver, because the design of the control system for speed control of the DC motors is a part of my workload.

Yes you're right, i should focus more on general motor drivers.

And yes i should also look for ESC for the stepper motors!

This seems completely confused. I did NOT suggest an ESC for your stepper motors. Your need stepper motor drivers for stepper motors and DC motor drivers (or ESCs) for DC motors.


The two 1.2A motors - is that stall current or rated current? If the former a motor shield might work,
if not then the stall current will be 6A or so, and MOSFET H-bridges will be needed - I don't know of
(m)any as an Arduino shield.

The big DC motor will need a proper motor controller, its stall current will be large and skimping
on a driver for it will just lead to burnt out electronics.

The large servos will presumably just be standard RC servos to the Arduino, so they presumably use
a 2S LiPo pack or similar sharing ground with the Arduino.

Don't forget to think about fuses and power switching for this rather complex setup - and probably
safety stop switches too.

The steppers you mention have no voltage rating. Steppers like that are exclusively current driven,
which means the supply voltage for their drivers is something you get to choose - more voltage means
faster top speed and slower torque-dropoff with speed. 12V would be a minimum to consider.

Your 18V nominal motors might be easiest to run from 24V like the other motor - just arrange to
not drive them to 100%.