Need HELP for coded Rotary Switch !!

Hi ! I am a student studying in Media Art. My group is doing a project relating to arduino and other electronics. However, we know almost nothing about them :astonished:
Could anyone please tell me anything about coded Rotary Switch ( BCD, 16 pos.) sensor? Anything like what can it do or how to connect the breadboard, or some simple code examples! Anything can save our lives now :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:
This is its datasheet:

Thanks a lot!

428542320816.pdf (74.9 KB)

Did you search the forum?- reply#1 to this thread explains how they work.

Have a look at the table on the right hand side of the sheet you linked: it shows which pin/s is/are connected for the 16 values 0 to 15. The positions A-F on the switch are 10-15. The diagrams on the sheet shows that the two centre pins are Common, and th 1-2-4-8 pins are indicated.

You might have a problem physically hooking yours up if it's the surface mount version.... they are not "breadboiard-friendly".