need help, for copie ISO 15693 NFC Tags

Hello, I am a beginner who needs quick help.
I want to copy a NFC ISO 15693 with a PN5180.
is that possible and is there already a finished file?
can you use or modify the MFRC522 file?
thanks in advance :confused:

Have you added


to your sketch?

Hi Stickii,

There is limited documentation on the PN5180 and ISO15693 but I found the following:

Andreas Trappman created an excellent library that handles tag reading using a PN5180:

This was used and expanded on by Alastaira at Playful Technology for an 'escape room' puzzle

I'm not that experienced but I'm fairly certain you need the dedicated PN5180 library and not the MFRC522 as they are coded around two completely different Integrated Chip readers.

Hope this helps.