Guys, i need some help for my final project in collage. i wanna make a real time filter using arduino uno whom integrated with mathlab software. Can you help me to get some filter library for this project? and what should i do to make arduino works like real time filter was. Thank you


What are you proposing to filter? Engine oil?



Odd second request of this sort in a week, must be a joint assignment.
Arduino digital filter
top hit is Arduino Playground - Filters

Personally, I don't think you should be allowed to graduate college if you can't even spell college. The state of education these days is appalling.

Need to give the foreign language speakers a break.
Like looking past 'defiantly' when 'definitely' was clearly intended.

Need to give the foreign language speakers a break.
Like looking past 'defiantly' when 'definitely' was clearly intended.

If you can learn enough English to use American text-speak, then I expect you could have learned enough to use it right. Other languages have punctuation as well. So I suspect that you could make an attempt at using it, even if you do so wrongly. Just the attempt shows that it means enough to you to be worth trying to teach you. Either way, if you know the language well enough to use a word like "wanna" instead of want to, then you've had time to learn how to spell college.

You're right, I shouldn't rant. But I just got through going through a bunch of resumes and cover letters and got chewed out yesterday by some kid (a native English speaker BTW) who just couldn't understand that I wasn't going to hire him because of the flagrant misspellings in his cover letter. He didn't understand how that had anything to do with working in a chemistry lab. I had to try to explain to him that it is all about attention to detail. You either have it or you don't and his cover letter let me know that he didn't. I'm sure he's still out there talking about what a jerk I am for not accepting something unreadable. But that's what happens when we let these kids out of school without calling them to account for these sorts of things. It only hurts the students when they find it hard to get a good job without simple skills like being able to write.

Point understood, and well put.