Need help for ideas on how to get more pins and just help with a project

Ok, so instead, I think I'm actually just gonna use the Mega, and have a question. In the attached photo, I found that online, I was looking up some wiring for an LCD screen, and I noticed that there were three things connected to 5V. How would you wire three things to 5V without a breadboard?

Yes, and one of those things is a stupid blunder, so it is only actually two. :grinning:

The potentiometer should not be connected to 5 V. Just leave that end unconnected or if you are using the inappropriate 10k potentiometer, connect both ends to ground.


I think it only has one. Do you mean the 3.3v and Vin as well?

He means that one of the pins on each of the two ICSP headers is actually 5 V Vcc.


However the Mega actually has 3 x 5v pins

The R3 version of the Mega has five.

5volt pin, IOREF, ICSP, and two at the end of the double socket header near pin21.

two at the end of the double socket header near pin21.

That makes six then. :grinning:

I didn't notice and I don't really use mega 2560s.

The diagram I cited doesn't show the second ICSP header on a genuine Mega 2560.

That makes six then. :grinning:

I learn something every day :slight_smile:


the UNO should have enough pins.

the analog pins can be used as digital pins, so that could take care of all your switches.

the I2C is super simple and lots of tutorials for it.
you can get a 'backpack' device that attaches to the LCD. EBAY LINK

Backpack Tutorial

If you are wondering, you can get an OLED display that is small, but very workable that costs a couple dollars and is I2C OLED LINK
they come in a few text colors. the yellow will always be yellow if you get one like this, they are not color displays. you can get white text, light blue text and some come with a screen that make some text blue and some yellow, but it is in the glass.
these are easy to work with and use 2 pins (A4 and A5 on the UNO/NANO)