Need help for making an Arduino controlled Nixie Bar music visualizer

Hello everyone!

I would like to make a nixie bargraph music visualizer which is controlled using an arduino.

The problem is i can find guides on making one without the arduino, or with the arduino but without the nixie bars.
How do i combine these two together and what about the code?

Are there some kind people on this forum who will assist me accomplish this goal? :slight_smile:

LED Arduino Music Visualizer - YouTube ← Arduino ← Nixies

Hi. You will gets lots of help on this forum if you are willing to learn and make a good effort.

You could look at a chip called msgeq7. This can be connected between your music source and the Arduino and provides a 7 band "graphic equaliser" output. Then you need a way to drive your nixie tubes. Can you post a link to the type of tube you want to use? Then we can suggest how to drive them.

If the display really uses Nixie tubes, you'll need high-voltage drivers (~200V DC), and a power supply for that voltage. I'd use more handy displays nowadays, using LED instead. Then you also can have multiple colors, for regular, critical and overcharged levels.

Hi thx for the quick reply!

To DrDiettrich im aware of the high voltage in the tubes i just dont know how to control them with the Arduino. And i dont want to use LED's.

To PaulRB I am willing to learn. I just build my own 3D printer from scratch by researching the internet and youtube :) This is going to be the next project

I dont know what kind of nixies im going to use yet but something like these from Ebay i think. They are called IN-9 and i think they need around 140 V DC to light up