need help for my project :)

hello people :slight_smile: i’m new here , i’m a french girl, so sorry if my english is not good ,
i want to ask you help for my project in high school , i have to rotate my servo ( continuous rotation) and command it with a sensor , but it’s my first time so i don’t know anything about programmation ,please give me help .
thank you in advance :).

Start with a sketch that turns the servo. You can find one already written for you in the Arduino IDE at File > Examples > Servo > Sweep. You can find a tutorial to go along with it here:

That sketch is intended to move a standard servo back and forth in a 180 degree sweep. Since you are using it with a continuous rotation servo it will go from turning in one direction to turning in the other direction. Spend some time reading through the sketch one line at a time. Make sure you understand what each line does before moving to the next one. If you find things you don't understand then you can look it up in the reference:
If you don't find it there then search on Google.

Now make some modifications to the Sweep sketch. Make it go faster, make it go slower. Test to be sure the modified code works as expected.

The next sketch you need to write is one that reads your sensor and then prints the value to the Serial Monitor. The exact details will depend on the sensor. If you are using a library for the sensor you will find examples in the File > Examples menu. You can find an example of printing to the Serial Monitor at File > Examples > 03.Analog > AnalogInOutSerial and the associated tutorial:

That example will be useful if your sensor has an analog output.
As before, take the time to make sure you understand what every line of your code does.

Now that you have the individual components of your project working it's time to combine them! You can use the other sketches you wrote as references. Be sure to save those sketches in case you need to go back and test the servo or sensor later.