need help for programming 3D printer

who can help me to make the ( software ,firmware) of fab@home 3d printer compatible with :

-Arduino mega -Nema motors

knowing that the software and the source code is available at the following address:

Thank you

The person that can get that firmware running on a MEGA is probably brilliant as it was written for an ARM processor and probably needs all of that processing power.

Question: Why don’t you just spend the extra maybe $50 bucks for the right development board and follow the instructions yourself and get it done by yourself? Or do you want to pay a lot more to have someone rewrite the software for the MEGA and have it run a lot slower with no support from other people using the same system.

The nema comment you made may indicate that all of the above is foreign abstract information.

In any of the possibilities I think you need to investigate this further and then come back.


GRBL is the place to start for Arduino GCODE / motion control...