Need help for SSD1963 5" Saintsmart TFT screen

I've baught an SSD1963 5" Saintsmart TFT screen but I don't know if it's broken or not...

The screen only work for a few seconds with UTFT Library then start sometimes to put bad pixels randomly, and then each time made a white flash then turn dark and makes random garbage lines everywhere...
I must then reboot many times the arduino to can see the screen work again for few seconds each time

I've tested SSD1963_800, SSD1963_800ALT and the others but I don't see much differences... The test code 800*480 fails each time to go till the end...

Is there something I can do or is my screen broken since the beginning ?

Thanks for your answers

One of the many 'benefits' of buying Sain****!

Do you feel privileged to have 'saved' a few $s? :wink:



I've not buyed it cause I hate saintsmart... And even if I could I didn't do it.
The seller made a mistake and sent me a 5" saintsmart instead of the 7" I baught so it's useless to tell me this It won't make anything change at all

More important, concerning the screen, can I do something or not ?

It is impossible to help when you provide no information about your setup.

Which Arduino? How is it powered?
Which shield? What jumpers are set?

Typically, larger screens require too much power to be supplied be USB only, you'll need to provide ~9 volts DC into the barrel jack of the Arduino.

Can you take a video or at least some photos of when it starts and when it "fails" ?

This is a high quality display, 7" like you want, and ghlawrence ^^ wrote the library for it. So your supporting your fellow forum members at the same time.

This problem sounds like loose jumpers thigh


This is a high quality display, 7" like you want, and ghlawrence ^^ wrote the library for it. So your supporting your fellow forum members at the same time.

Are you after being put on the pay-roll?? :stuck_out_tongue:


If you also bought a Sain** rip off of a CTE TFT shield, almost certainly the jumpers are wrong!

Check that JP2 and JP4 are made and not JP1, JP3 or JP5 !



Love the product and if it werent for people spending there time writing these libraries most people wouldn't be able to do anything particularly useful. You don't charge a fee to use the library, so its the least i can do.

Plus, i've had experiences (negative) with other display and this one "just works'


But seriously, my paypal has been sent to your pm box.

:stuck_out_tongue: uhuh..........

Ops... :stuck_out_tongue:


What you mean by jumpers ? I don't see anything who seems like that on my screen nor my CTE shield...

I'll upload a video on youtube to show you the screen and the strange problem with it.

This is the correct jumper settings. Check your shield.



there's no jumper on my shield. it's this model :

I've tried on two arduino mega and one due powered by USB and each time, the result is the same...

the things above the blue pot might be the jumpers, but the pic they provide is too low resolution. post a higher resolution picture of your board

There is no need, that shield is rubbish. He needs a CTE(clone) shield.




You there?


I'm here? I never used a shield..... but I bought a lot of DuPont cables :slight_smile:

now I have it attached to a custom PCB

Found the solution ! The shield wad bad. I changed it for another kind and everything worked fine !

I have a question its possibile with you library load image directly sd card from my tft like
Tft01 Connect with atmega1284(bobuino)?
I have try but without result.
I want to use spi pin for my sd_do, sd_in etc but spi pin(11,12,13) is connect to lcd ;its possible?
Sorry for my english i M italian

My library is not very descriptive… Do you mean UTFT_SdRaw?

If so, first of all do you have SdFat installed and working? Do you have UTFT installed and working?

If so then UTFT_SdRaw should just work.