Need help from programmer

Hi I am a mechanical design engineer with some electronics experience.

I have an Arduino Uno with a motor all hooked up as well as some leds.

Basically I need to turn the motor on for a defined period of time that is changed when a button is pressed. This means that one button can cycle between 3 different times between the on times.

The other 2 buttons are simple one changes the colours of the leds and the other is just a trigger for the motor to turn on.

I can go into much greater detail and can create software spec is needed.

I am happy to pay just looking for a helping hand to get the base code down.

The state change detection example, combined with the blink without delay example, seems to cover just about everything you want to do, except actually driving the mysterious motor.

Hi Peter:

I have an example of cycling through three different settings with a single pushbutton here. The other stuff is pretty easy to add. There's also some more code on my blog that shows how to do timing.

If you need more than this, or want that code modified for your use, I'll be glad to help, just send me a message.