Need Help Getting Started w/ FONA Shield

Hello. I purchased the Adafruit 800 Shield to use with my Arduino cellphone project. I also got a battery (1200MAH) and an antenna - all from Adafruit.

Currently, I have the shield plugged into my Arduino Uno, with some stackable headers. The headers are not soldered to the Arduino yet, just plugged into place. (Through the shield, and into the Arduino. I think it's a pretty solid connection)

Anyways, I have a few problems getting started.

  1. This is really silly, but I can't locate the MicroUSB port onboard the shield! This port is really important, because it charges the battery! But where is the port? :o (Remember, I'm using the FONA Shield, not the module)

  2. When I flip the power switch to RUN mode, (As opposed to charge mode) the FONA begins blinking with a blue light. However, when I run the FONATest example sketch on my Arduino, the Serial Monitor reports that no FONA can be found! :frowning:

If anyone has any experience with the FONA Shield, I'd love to hear your advice! :slight_smile: