Need help in building a Web Server to choose a WIFI network to connect to.

Hello, I have an ESP8266 module hooked up to my Arduino. I need help and guidance to allow it to be reset with a button (remove a config file), then to set up a default web server, allowing a user to choose a network via a web interface, then once the Arduino is able to connect to that network (and save a config file with that network), then I want it to turn off the web server, until the next time the user hits the reset button.

I know this is out there, but I don't know what to search on. If I can get any guidance that would be helpful.

Look for ESP8266 AP (Access point) mode.

Click on the button create an AP. Computer can connect to the Arduino by choosing the Wifi name it created. Use some http setup to set the details you want.

You can use EEPROM to store 1kb (Arduino uno) of data.

Thanks, do know of any examples for the http code for this? If not, no worries, just wanted to not reinvent the wheel.