Need help in Codes for Arduino and RADius-S v1.1

HI, I need help with a set of arduino uno smd R3 and RADius-S v1.1 I need one of them to transmit and one of them to receive.

Programs i use are arduino 1.0.5 and easyRADIO companion 3.17

Attached are the photos of the items.

Thank you


They are bi-directional, if you want one to only transmit then only use Serial.print/ln and Serial.write. To only receive use These modules are probably the simplest mean of wireless communication other than straight wires.

Are you having an issue with them other than making them only transmit or only receive?

hi thanks for the reply. Yes was using serial.println and serial.write to transmit. but on the receiver end we couldnt get the to display anything on the easy radio companion.

Would appreciate if u could maybe just write a workable transmitter and receiver code so that atleast i could find out whether the transmitter is transmitting and receiver receiving.

Well being that the RADius is just simple wireless Serial, you can just test with regular wires for now. Also post your code so I can see if your missing anything else.

Please use code tags, these code tags are the # symbol above the smiley faces.

uhm right now i just really need a code to test that both sets can communicate with each other. i have literally no clue how to do that. codes given to me are /* * Hello World! Good for testing Arduino Uno Transmission * * This is the Hello World! for Arduino. * It shows how to send data to the computer */

void setup() // run once, when the sketch starts { Serial.begin(9600); // set up Serial library at 9600 bps }

void loop() // run over and over again { Serial.println("Hello world!"); // prints hello with ending line break delay(1000); }

for the transmitter side

i would appreciate a simple code to just test the connectivity. as i cant every send something on the transmitter side and have it appear on the receiver side.

Where is your receiving code?

void setup()

void loop() 
  if(Serial.available() > 0)
    char c =;
    if(c == '\n' || c == '\0') // look to see if newline char was sent or NULL char was sent

aint got the receiver codes. cause nothing i typed worked . . . basically i tried but doesnt show anything

Does the TX led on the transmitter blink or light up? Does the RX on the receiver do the same? If neither light up, then it could be your modules have a problem.

Hold up, your not going to send or receive with the serial monitor if the modules are attached to the normal Tx and RX pins. Your boards are set for hardware serial and not software serial like they should be. Move the jumpers on both boards. To send with the serial monitor, you need to first setup software serial on both boards and use pins 2 and 3. Then combine with softSerial.write to send and use the reverse to receive.

Please note this is if you want to use the serial monitor to both send and receive, however you can have the transmitter set to normal hardware serial and use Serial.println("message"); but the receiver will need to be set to software serial regardless.

totally lost on the serial and hardware part. so the jumper pins are wrong?

i just keyed in the transmitter code into the transmitter side.

when i change the jumpers to D2 and D3 the error of avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 happens.

Upload with module off, then put module back on.

well solved the issue by bending/removing the 0(rx) pin. codes are uploaded.

now for the receiver side. what codes do i need to write to receive the transmitter code u sent me

You need a software serial example and combine it with a normal serial example. Actually the software serial example already has everything done for you.

the code ontop u posted is the transmitter right? we have successfully upload and run the transmitter code. its able to perform what we want it to. but the receiver side isnt working.

receiver code we have:

int num=0; void setup() { serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { if (serial.available() > 0){ num =; serial.println(num); delay(1000); } }

software serial example isnt working either.

uploaded the receiver codes in. bbut the RX led isnt lighting up

I would have you swap the codes but you already removed the RX pin on one of the modules.