need help in coding a password based led

im very new on arduino coding and need some help for a code to light up a led with a code and for it to turn off when the code is wrong and for the signal to be sent from a pc. Plz i really need the code.

Post your attempts so far, both code and wiring diagram.

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that is the problem i don't think even if i tried i would get anywhere I'm just not understanding this at all i tried searching somewhere for some sort of code but none come to match the code that i need

Click "report to moderator" and ask for your topic to be moved to the "gigs and collaborations" forum section. Then modify your original post and say how much you can pay for this.

i really only need the code everything else is ready

I am suggesting that you offer payment for someone to write this code for you, because you are unwilling to attempt it yourself.