Need help in coding for designing Star network of nRF24l01.

Hello guys,

I was working on the project in which I am using 4 nrf24L01 radios and 4 Arduino uno boards. I want to make the star network of of these radios such that, one can broadcast the text message from one transceiver at the base station to all the other transceivers connected to it. After receiving the message, the transceiver should reply back to the base station in same manner.

I need your some guidance in the coding. What should be the code at base station and what could be the code at other node?

I was using RF24 libraries. In that library there is an example of starping. I am thinking of modifying that code for my scenario. That code is as attached.

Its urgent guys. Please help me in coding.


starping.pde (7.67 KB)

Google network nrf24L01

See what comes back, even add arduino to the search string.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

Hi Tom,

I have been searching for this for a long time. I found library called RF24Network. This library has examples of Mesh pinging. But as I am new to this arduino programming I dont know how I can use this library for bor broadcasting the text message from base station and get reply back from end nodes in the same manner.

Can you give me some guidance in coding/

Thank you