Need help in connecting a 64 x 32 LED Matrix

I recently got a 64x32 LED Matrix. However, I'm not sure how to connect it to an arduino uno. I tried following the docs here:, but I can't get my OLED matrix to display the example.

This is my current connection so far: Imgur: The magic of the Internet (I have the R0 at the top left variant. I tried connecting it to the ESP8266 before and it works well, just that I do not know how to translate the connections to the Arduino UNO) I have a feeling that my connection is wrong since I copied the PI to PO connections from here:, and I only changed the PI to ESP8266 connections to the adafruit docs connections.

The code I am running is the example testshapes_32x64 from the RGB matrix panel library:

EDIT: Since my connection for the CLK pin is connected to pin 8, I made changes in the code but it is still not working.

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