Need help in making a FM station with Arduino

Hello Everyone ,

I want to build a FM Transmission Station with Arduino by following this artivlr/instructions .

But problem is that , the FM transmitter used here has a transmission range of only 40cm . My question is how can i increase this range to 8-10 Meter .

Please help .

Regards Mopshiur Rahman

From the linked article

you can connect an external antenna to increase the range of transmitter .

Hi ,

Thanks for your reply . I am new to this , so can you please let me know which antenna and how to connect it ?

Thanks Moshiur

I'd start with about a 1.5metre dipole. I think you're expecting a lot of a very low power module though, and the antenna may make the device illegal.

Hi ,

I will take permission . Please let me know from where i can buy the antenna and also is it possible to make it by myself . Maybe i sound stupid , but please understand i am new ...... :)

Thanks Moshiur

Just try any reasonably straight 75cm length of single conductor wire on the RF output.