Need help in making half adder

I cannot write the sketch for this half adder . Can someone help me to write this sketch . I will be glad ..thanks in advance . Its emergency .

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Are you asking someone to do your homework?

what have you tried? what have you learnt so far? do you know how to deal with the LCD, the buttons?

Yes i know , how to deal with lcd and buttons . But cant arrange the codes .

Give it a try. Show us what you've done so far

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Is the idea to make a series of adders totaling four bits or, just to add two stored four-bit numbers?

Make it 4 bit

A half adder adds 2 bits. Two half adders form a full adder that also can handle carries. That's not what you have been asked for.

You are asked to build an adder for 4 bit numbers. Is this part of a hardware (discrete logic) class or a software class?

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Start with the first step. Write a sketch that just toggles the LEDs that correspond to the switches, e.g. when you press switch B3, LED B3 changes state. Make that work reliably and then post it here.

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