need HELP in Xbee configuration

Would like to ask how to configure Xbee Series 1 modules.

How do I configure the xbee to operate wirelessly?

I am using the serial program X-CTU.

This is the scenario I would like to have:

  1. 1 xbee is connected serially to the computer, acting as the master to control the other xbee mounted on my robot by transmitting the program
  2. other xbee configured as a slave to receive program from master


  1. Do I have to configure 1 xbee as a coordinator and the other as an end device for xbee wireless communication?
  2. Must my intended master be the end device or the coordinator to transmit message (cuz I still dun understand what end device and coordinator means)?
  3. What must my slave be configured as to be able to receive messages?