Need Help Interfacing to this H Bridge LMD18200

Total newbie looking to interface to this H Bridge any pointers greatly appreciated. In fact someone may need to draw me a picture :) I have listed the pin descriptions below as per the data sheet and a rough idea on where i think they will attach to the board. Feel free to give me some pointers on how this should be hooked up as you can see from my commentary I need Help !!

It is a LMD18200

Pin out is as follows.

Pin 1= Bootstrap 1 (I'm clueless on this one) Pin 2= Output 1 ( I assume to Motor ) Pin 3= Direction Input (Would this go to say Pin 2 on the Arduino ?) Pin 4= Brake Input (Lost) Pin 5= PWM Input ( I assume to PWM pin on Arduino Like pin 9 ??) Pin 6= Vs Power Supply ( + Side of power supply) Pin 7= Ground (self explanatory) Pin 8= Current Sense Output. ( Not a Clue ) Pin 9= Thermal Flag Output ( Not a clue ) Pin 10= Output 2 ( I assume to Motor ) Pin 11= Bootstrap 2 (I'm clueless on this one)


go to this page and download the datasheet, it has all the answers, as well as a recommended application diagram. Also, that's a DMOS part, so watch out for static-- they are fairly easy to fry.


It is a LMD18200

Sample from National by any chance? :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to see what you find out about interfacing this with the Arduino as I’ve also been looking for an integrated (sample-able :slight_smile: ) H-bridge IC but have been getting the impression the supply and control voltages I’ve been looking at are too low. What kind of power supply will you be using and what voltage motors will you be controlling?


Yep on the Sample.

Unfortunately I am so new to this I am already in over my head. I may go ahead and order some L293D's to start with,,, since their are tutorials on that chip and they are cheap :) and then move up to the LMD18200. Looks like the supply voltage needs to be at least 12v on the LMD18200.