Need Help making a Transmitter/Receiver Hello_World code!

Dear Community

I’m having difficulties making the 433MHz transmitter/receiver modules work.

General info:

  • Uploaded both receiver and transmitter code
  • picture of my modules

My Setup:

I have 2 Arduino Mega2560s and 2 laptops
Receiver connected to the first arduino → first laptop
Transmitter connected to the second arduino → second laptop

What i’ve done:

  1. Downloaded RH_ASK library from this link: (RadioHead: RadioHead Packet Radio library for embedded microprocessors)
    The Lib is found on the 2nd line.

  2. Used the “ask_receiver” & “ask_transmitter” examples.

  3. Receiver is connected to pin 5 on first arduino

  4. Transmitter is connected to pin 4 on second arduino

  5. Uploaded both codes and opened Serial monitor on the receiver to see if anything happened but nothing did


  • Is it okay to use 2 different arduinos connected to 2 different computers in order to send & receive?

  • Are my pin connections correct?

  • What can/should i do to simply be able to send and receive a simple “hello” message??

Pls help

Ask_Transmitter.ino (977 Bytes)

Ask_Receiver.ino (1.06 KB)

I had different 433 MHz modules, and I used the VirtualWire library. You might want to give it a try.