Need help making code

I am wanting to make a tachometer using an Arduino Nano and a infrared proximity sensor. ideally, I would like the RPM to be displayed on a 4 digit 7 segment display. I have absolutely no idea on where to start with code. I know pretty much nothing about arduino coding and less about 7 segment displays. I have found lots of people who have made tachometers and displayed the RPM on a small LCD screen but none where using a 7 segment display. Would someone, with the know how of coding, be able to give me advice, help or ultimately write some code for me? I would be very great full.

Start with reading your tachometer - print the results on the serial monitor.

Separately work on your 7-segment display(s). Get those to work.

Then integrate the two: display the value you get from the tachometer on the display.

^ ditto..

Forget about ANY display for now.. thats trivial once you are getting the readings/responses you expect.

What you need to do is post the tach.. or understand how you need to connect to it.. to get any sort of READing from it..

You can/should be able to display everything to the serial monitor...

once you get that far... post back if you havent figured out the rest.

FYI.. post your current code once you are done (in code tags)... so we can see what comes next and where to put it.