need help mcufriend 2,4 tft shield for school project, help fast!

hello guys, i bought mcufriend 2,4 tft touch shield and arduino uno and i need to make something like controller with touch , for example turning on and off led diode by clicking button on touchscreen , i was searching for libraries for my shield but only 1 paint program with modified adafruit library works , can someone tell me how to make a program for controlling leds with touchscreen , i’m not good with programming , i will put libraries that work with my screen in attachments

MCUFried S6D0154 TFT Display UNO y MEGA (594 KB)

What is in that enormous zip file?

Provide a link to the datasheet for the touch screen

Try writing a short program to blink an LED when you touch the screen and post that program - even if it does not work.