Need help, motion and LDR sensor to turn on LED using MIT App Inventor

I'm stumped. :confused:

Your title mentions App inventor which means to me that you are taking the character input from an Android device.

I have been testing with input from the Serial monitor.

What happens if you disconnect the device which is taking input from the App Inventor app and use Serial input from the monitor?

Do you see the same loss of response with time?

If you see correct functioning with Serial monitor input (as I do) then we'll know where to focus the attention--i.e. on the app inventor/phone side.

Oh! Now that you have mentioned. Yes it is working properly when sending signal from the serial monitor. Which I think should be the MIT app inventor issues

Try sending your control character from a widely used terminal app which is solid. I recommend Kai Morich's Serial Bluetooth Terminal.

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I am also trying to achieve a friendly user interface, which explains why I am creating an mobile application. User's are able to click the button instead of sending char. I will try and find another solution on the application part. Thank you very much! cattledog :slight_smile: