Need help multiplexing high voltage 7 segments

I am having trouble trying to multiplex 4 inch digits from Jameco. I am using 2 MAX7221 each controlling 3 single digits (a 4 inch and a 1 inch version). The big version requires a separate driver to power the 8.5 - 14 volt display @ ~20mA. So, I adapted my schematic from one of the users on this forum (yesyes). However, I made a few changes:

  1. Replaced the UDN2981 with a TD62783 - Helps reduce/eliminate ghosting issues
  2. Changed the 2.2 kohm pullup resistors on the ULN2803 to 10kohms - further reduces ghosting, i guess?
  3. I am powering the big display via the VIN pin, supplying the arduino with a 15V regulated wall wart

So far, I am glad to see that of this setup works, sort of. I have my code setup to show the same information as in the small display. The only problem I have now is trying to display 3 different numbers on the big display. For example, if I send a 2 to digit 1 on both ICs, the small display lights the correct digit. However, the big display outputs 2 on all digits. The linked video shows the problem better. Essentially, the big display should mimic the small display.

I’ve tried swapping the max with a new one, changing scan limit, and connecting DIN, CLK, and LOAD directly to arduino but to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

Code (sorry its so long):