Need help on a project - PIR Sensor to trigger lights & Sound using Arduino

Hi all,

I want to install an Arduino setup in one of my props and basically want it to trigger sounds and lights from a PIR motion sensor.

I would prefer the lights to flash in time to the sounds but haven't a clue where to start other than buy an Arduino uno and a motion sensor as a start.

I can't really do the code and would prefer something that doesn't use a breadboard where possible.

Has anyone done one of these projects on here that could kindly share a tutorial page or video please as I have scoured YouTube and the net with not a lot of luck.

Thanks all,


PIR motion sensor will tell you if there's motion in front of it of a warm object, such as a person or the neighbour's cat.

If you want to react to sound, you can look at basic sound sensors that give a sound/no sound signal, or some kind of volume envelope, or if you want to go fancy use an MSGEQ7 connected to a line output of your sound source and you get a 7-channel equaliser type output.

As an Arduino needs external hardware for this, you will need to use a breadboard of sorts to connect it all. You will also have to do your own coding to make it work the way you want it. Those two are just integral to this hobby.

PIR motion sensor is not difficult to use but you may get trouble for the first use because of its configuration (trigger mode, detachable range ...). I recommend to read the ultimate guide for motion sensor tutorial

For light trigger, you may need a relay, see relay tutorial

For sound trigger, you can use piezo buzzer (see Piezo Buzzer Tutorial)

Sound and light trigger at the same time is easy.

Good luck!

There are devices called color organs, very inexpensive and maybe also on an arduino. This can be purchased as two commercial packages, the color organ and a PID sensor. Good Luck & Have Fun! Gil